ESIL Interest Group History of International Law

ESIL Interest Group History of International Law

Wednesday 5 August 2020

JOURNAL: Grotiana, Volume 41 (2020): Issue 1 (Jun 2020)

Cover Grotiana
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We learned of the publication of the latest issue of Grotiana. Here the table of contents:

Hugo Grotius’s Views on Consent, Contract and the Christian Commonwealth – Introductory Remarks
By: Wim Decock, pp. 1-12

Grotius’s Doctrine of Alliances with Infidels and the Idea of Respublica Christiana
By: Orazio Condorelli, pp. 13-39

The Binding Force of Unilateral Promises in the Ius Commune before Grotius
By: Giovanni Chiodi
Pages: 40–58

Grotius’s Impact on the Scandinavian Theory of Contract Law
By: Sören Koch, pp. 59-87

Grotius’s Contract Theory in the Works of His German Commentators: First Explorations
By: Paolo Astorri, pp. 88-107

Making Use of the Testimonies: Suárez and Grotius on Natural Law
By: Sydney Penner, pp. 108-136

Vitoria, Suárez, and Grotius: James Brown Scott’s Enduring Revival
By: Mark Somos and Joshua Smeltzer, pp. 137-162

Consent and the Ethics of International Law Revisiting Grotius’s System of States in a Secular Setting
By: Christoph Stumpf, pp. 163-176

Nicolaus Ignaz Königsmann: Natural Law in Prague Before 1752
By: Ivo Cerman, pp. 177-197

Admired Adversary: Wrestling with Grotius the Exegete in Cotton Mather’s Biblia Americana (1693–1728)
By: Jan Stievermann, pp. 198-235

Territorial Sovereignty: A Philosophical Exploration, written by Anna Stilz
By: Tom Sparks, pp. 237-245

Hugo Grotius’ Remonstrantie of 1615. Facsimile, Transliteration, Modern Translations and Analysis, written by David Kromhout and Adri Offenberg
By: Joke Spaans, pp. 246-250

Die politischen Gesetze des Mose: Entstehung und Einflüsse der politia-judaica-Literatur in der Frühen Neuzeit, written by Markus M. Totzeck
By: Sina Rauschenbach, pp. 251-254

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