ESIL Interest Group History of International Law

ESIL Interest Group History of International Law

donderdag 10 juni 2021

BOOK SYMPOSIUM: Ntina TZOUVALA, Capitalism as Civilisation (with Rohini SEN, Daniel R. QUIROGA-VILLAMARIN, Jullie WETTERSLEY, Kanad BAGCHI)

(image source: EUI)

Ntina Tzouvala's Capitalism as Civilisation (see earlier on this blog) is at the heart of an open access book symposium with the European Journal of Legal Studies, including a response by the author herself.

Kanad Bagchi, ‘Materialism, Culture and the Standard of Civilization’ (61-79) 

Julie Wetterslev, ‘The Standard of Civilisation in International Law’ (81-99) 

Daniel R. Quiroga-Villamarín, ‘Victorian Antics: The Persistence of the “Law as Craft” Mindset in the Critical Legal Imagination’ (101-116) 

Rohini Sen, ‘Reading and Readings of Capitalism as Civilisation‘ (117-136) 

Ntina Tzouvala, ‘Capitalism as Civilisation, or How to Respond to your Book Reviews when the Author is Dead’ (137-153) 

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