ESIL Interest Group History of International Law

ESIL Interest Group History of International Law

dinsdag 25 mei 2021

CALL FOR ENGAGED LISTENERS: The Individual in International Law. History and Theory (MPIL Heidelberg, Zoom, 17-18 JUN 2021)


(image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Prof. Anne Peters and dr. Tom Sparks convene an online workshop on the individual in itnernational law, with a copious programme.


The interrelationship between international law and the individual has been the subject of a great and growing interest by scholars in recent years. In many or most of international law’s subfields and specialisms, the appropriate relationship between the interests of individuals and those of other actors is the subject of important debates. On the other hand, we are currently witnessing a return to statist principles in the debate and practice of international law, with an emphasis on sovereignty, territory, and boundaries. Human rights and the idea of rights more generally are under attack. The individual’s position in international law, pushed and pulled by these factors, is in flux. However, analyses conducted of the individual’s position remain, in the main, examinations of the positive law. A number of questions thus remain to be answered which go beyond the individual’s treatment by various fields of international law in the present moment, in particular from the perspectives of history and theory.


 If you are interested in participating in the workshop as an engaged listener and thus in contributing to our discussions, please sign up via the links below. We particularly welcome the participation of early-career scholars, including pre- and post-graduate students, and from scholars working in institutions in the global south. Note that each link applies to only one day, and that those intending to attend the entirety of the workshop will need to register under both links. For further inquiries, or in case of technical difficulties, please contact Ms. Anette Kreutzfeld, via

 Program and more information here.