ESIL Interest Group History of International Law

ESIL Interest Group History of International Law

dinsdag 24 januari 2023

BOOK: Richard BOURKE & Quentin SKINNER (eds), "History in the Humanities and Social Sciences" (CUP, 2022)

Image source: CUP


This interdisciplinary volume explores the relationship between history and a range of disciplines in the humanities and social sciences: economics, political science, political theory, international relations, sociology, philosophy, law, literature and anthropology. The relevance of historical approaches within these disciplines has shifted over the centuries. Many of them, like law and economics, originally depended on self-consciously historical procedures. These included the marshalling of evidence from past experience, philological techniques and source criticism. Between the late nineteenth and the middle of the twentieth century, the influence of new methods of research, many indebted to models favoured by the natural sciences, such as statistical, analytical or empirical approaches, secured an expanding intellectual authority while the hegemony of historical methods declined in relative terms. In the aftermath of this change, the essays collected in History in the Humanities and Social Sciences reflect from a variety of angles on the relevance of historical concerns to representative disciplines as they are configured today.
  • Illustrates the benefits of an inter-disciplinary approach to research in the humanities and social sciences
  • Engages one of the central debates about the role of historical understanding in the human sciences
  • Showcases the work of leading scholars in the fields of history, politics, literature, economics, anthropology, law, sociology, and philosophy

Table of Contents:

1. Law and history, history and law - Michael Lobban
2. History, law, and the rediscovery of social theory - Samuel Moyn
3. The uses of history in the study of international politics - Jennifer Pitts
4. International relations theory and modern international order: the case of refugees - Mira Siegelberg
5. The Delphi syndrome: using history in the social sciences - Stathis Kalyvas and Daniel Fedorowycz
6. Power in narrative and narratives of power in historical sociology - Hazem Kandil
7. History and normativity in political theory: the case of Rawls - Richard Bourke
8. Political philosophy and the uses of history - Quentin Skinner
9. The relationship between philosophy and its history - Susan James
10. When reason does not see you: feminism at the intersection of history and philosophy - Hannah Dawson
11. On (lost and found) analytical history in political science - Ira Katznelson
12. Making history: poetry and prosopopoeia - Cathy Shrank
13. Reloading the British Romantic canon: the historical editing of literary texts - Pamela Clemit
14. Economics and history: analysing serfdom -Sheilagh Ogilvie
15. The return of depression economics: Paul Krugman and the 21st-century crisis of American democracy - Adam Tooze
16. Anthropology and the turn to history - Joel Isaac.

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