ESIL Interest Group History of International Law

ESIL Interest Group History of International Law

woensdag 4 januari 2023

BOOK: Klara Polackova VAN DER PLOEG, Luca PASQUET & León CASTELLANOS-JANKIEWICZ, "International Law and Time: Narratives and Techniques" (Ius Gentium: Comparative Perspectives on Law and Justice, Springer, 2022)

Image source: Springer
The Multifaceted Notion of Time in International Law

Klara Polackova Van der Ploeg, Luca Pasquet

Pages 1-24

Constructing and Attributing Meaning to Time in International Law

Pages 25-25

Lawyers as Creators of Law’s Temporal Reality: A Pragmatic Approach to International Law

Eric Wyler, Arianna Whelan

Pages 27-50

Human Rights in Time: Temporalization of Human Rights in Historical Representation

Juhana Mikael Salojärvi

Pages 51-70

Interstellar Justice Now: Back to the Future of International Law

Bérénice K. Schramm

Pages 71-97

Digressing Towards Justice: International Criminal Law’s Narrative of Moral Transit Through Violence

Timothy William Waters

Pages 99-109

Time in International Lawmaking

Pages 111-111

How Instant and Universal International Law Is Born and How It Dies: The 1856 Declaration of Paris

Jan Martin Lemnitzer

Pages 113-133

Incrementalism in International Lawmaking: The Development of Normative Frameworks of Protection for Forcibly Displaced Persons

Rob Grace

Pages 135-152

The Politics of Time in Domestic and International Lawmaking

Tommaso Soave

Pages 153-174

Life Cycles of International Law as a Noetic Unity: The Various Times of Law-Thinking

Thomas Schultz

Pages 175-192

Time and the Operation of International Law

Pages 193-193

Time-Traveling Rules of Interpretation: Of ‘Time-Will’ and ‘Time-Bubbles’

Panos Merkouris

Pages 195-219

Time and Tide Wait for No One: The Curious Consideration of Time in International Investment Treaty Law

Robert Howse, Barry Appleton

Pages 221-236

The Relevant Time for Assessing Jurisdiction and the Ratione Temporis Objection in the Genocide (Croatia v. Serbia) Case

Lorenzo Palestini

Pages 237-262

Of Relevant Dates and Political Processes: State Succession and the Dissolution of the Former Yugoslavia

Asier Garrido-Muñoz

Pages 263-281

China, Confucian Time and International Law: A Normative and Behavioral Account

Matthias Vanhullebusch

Pages 283-309

International Law Between Change and Stability

Pages 311-311

International Law Through Time: On Change and Facticity of International Law

Klara Polackova Van der Ploeg

Pages 313-333

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