ESIL Interest Group History of International Law

ESIL Interest Group History of International Law

vrijdag 9 april 2021

BOOK: P. SEAN MORRIS (ed.), The League of Nations and the Development of International Law. A New Intellectual History of the Advisory Committee of Jurists [Routledge Research in Legal History] (London: Routledge, SEP 2021), ISBN 9780367897536


(image source: Routledge)

Book abstract:

This volume examines the contributions to International Law of individual members of the Advisory Committee of Jurists in the League of Nations, and the broader national and discursive legal traditions of which they were representative. It adopts a biographical approach that complements existing legal narratives. Pre-1914 visions of a liberal international order influenced the post-1919 world based on the rule of law in civilised nations. This volume focuses on leading legal personalities of this era. It discusses the scholarly work of the ACJ wise men, their biographical notes, and narrates their contribution as legal scholars and founding fathers of the sources of international law that culminated in their drafting of the statute of the Permanent Court of International Justice, the forerunner of the International Court of Justice. The book examines visions of world law in a liberal international order through social theory and constructivism, historical examination of key developments that influenced their career and their scholarly writings and international law as a science. The book will be a valuable reference for those working in the areas of International Law, Legal History, Political History and International Relations.

Table of contents:

The "Wise Men" of the Advisory Committee of Jurists (ACJ) and Contemporary Legal Biography: An Introduction
P. Sean Morris

  1. The Legal Conscience of a Universal Man: Rafael Altamira y Crevea (1866 – 1951)
    Yolanda Gamarra
  2. National Political Ideologies and International Legal Practices: Raul Fernandes (1877 – 1968)
    Arthur Roberto Capella Giannattasio
  3. A Civilizational Pluralist and Inegalitarian: Mineichiro Adachi (1870 – 1934)
    Tetsuya Toyoda
  4. Francis Hagerup (1853 – 1921): A Norwegian Legal Internationalist
    Dag Michalsen
  5. Elihu Root (1845 – 1937): Architect and Advocate of the Permanent Court of International Justice
    William G. Ross
  6. Forgetting Albert Geouffre de Lapradelle (1871 – 1955) and Ignorance as Remembering
    Toni Selkälä
  7. Edouard Descamps (1847 – 1933): From Negative Neutrality to Positive Pacigerate
    Frederik Dhondt
  8. The Judicial-Churchman for Peace: Walter George Frank Phillimore (1855 – 1933)
    P. Sean Morris
  9. "Where is Your Tribunal?" Bernard Loder (1849 – 1935) and the Quest for International Justice
    Freya Baetens and Veronica Lavista
  10. The Italian Jurist and Diplomat at the Advisory Committee of Jurists: Arturo Ricci Busatti (1868 – 1923)
    Elisabetta Fiocchi Malaspina
On the editor:
P. Sean Morris is a research fellow at the Faculty of Law, University of Helsinki, Finland.


(source: Routledge - DOI 10.4324/9781003020882