ESIL Interest Group History of International Law

ESIL Interest Group History of International Law

vrijdag 19 maart 2021

BOOK: Alexander ORAKHELASHVILI, International Law and International Politics. Foundations of Interdisciplinary Analysis [Principles of international law series] (Cheltenham: E. Elgar, 2020), ISBN 978 1 83910 643 9


(image source: Elgar)

Book abstract:

This illuminating monograph examines analytical and practical aspects of the relationship between international law and international politics, providing a comprehensive analysis of the foundations on which both the international legal system and international politics rest.With an interdisciplinary perspective, Alexander Orakhelashvili compares and contrasts the methods of international legal reasoning with international relations as a discipline, focusing on timeless and central issues that connect the past, present and future. The book examines, through the use of both disciplines’ methodology, some more specific areas such as public authority, global space, and peace, with the overall outcome that political contempt towards the international legal system could have unexpected and costly adverse political consequences.Examining a broad range of theories and literature, International Law and International Politics will be an invigorating read for academics, students and practitioners of international law, international relations, politics, and diplomacy. 

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