ESIL Interest Group History of International Law

ESIL Interest Group History of International Law

maandag 19 oktober 2020

BOOK: Herbert R. REGINBOGIN and Pascal LOTTAZ (eds.), Permanent Neutrality: A Model for Peace, Security, and Justice, London: Rowman & Littlefield, 2020, ISBN 9781793610287


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Book abstract:

Neutrality is the forgotten step-child of International Relations. Despite its century-old tradition, invoked and utilized by statesmen and stateswomen from Catherina the Great, over George Washington to Franklin D. Roosevelt, it has been cast aside as a relic of the distant past. Yet, the “neutral idea” never died. From ancient Greece to the twenty-first century, there were always those who decided that they wanted to be “friends to you and foe to neither,” as Thucydides put it 2400 years ago. This book examines why and how that is the case. The seven authors pay particular attention to permanent neutrality, explaining why it is a realist security model, rivaling collective security, and what its modern-day applications are. From Taiwan, over Russia, Ukraine, the EU, and to the USA, permanent neutrality has its implications for all players in the international system. It harbors the potential to decrease the security dilemma among states and contribute to peace, security, and justice of this young century.

Table of contents:

 A Tale of Two Strategies: Permanent Neutrality and Collective Security (page 15)

Stephen C. Neff

Neutrality and Security: A Comparison with Alternative Models of National Security (page 39)
P. Terrence Hopmann

The Logic of Neutrality (page 57)
Pascal Lottaz

The Model of Neutrality: The Example of East-Central European States (page 89)
Heinz Gärtner

Neutral and Nonaligned States in the European Union (page 111)
Gunther Hauser

Neutral Power Russia (page 129)
Glenn Diesen

America's Experience with Neutrality: An Epoch of Neutrality (page 145)
Herbert R. Reginbogin

The Nomos of Neutrality in East Asia (page 167)
Herbert R. Reginbogin and Pascal Lottaz

Taiwanese Neutrality: Solving the Conundrum (page 191)
Pascal Lottaz and Herbert R. Reginbogin

10. Case Studies of Contemporary Neutrality Advocacy (page 209)
Lu Hsiu-lien, Michael Tsai, and Michaek O' Hanlon

(source: neutralitystudies