ESIL Interest Group History of International Law

ESIL Interest Group History of International Law

vrijdag 8 mei 2020

BOOK: Edward CAVANAGH (ed.), Empire and Legal Thought Ideas and Institutions from Antiquity to Modernity, (Leiden/Boston: Brill/Nijhoff, 2020). ISBN: 9789004430983, € 170.00

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Series: Legal History Library, Studies in the History of International Law, Volume: 41/16

Emphatic of the importance of legal thought to the rise and fall of empires, this book highlights the centrality of empires to the development of legal thought. 
Comprehension of the development of legal thought over time is necessary for any historical, philosophical, practical, or theoretical enquiry into the subject today, it is argued here. When seen against the background of broad geopolitical, diplomatic, administrative, intellectual, religious, and commercial changes, law begins to appear very resilient. It withstands the rise and fall of empires. It provides the framework for the establishment of new orders in the place of the old. Today what analogies, principles, and authorities of law have survived these changes continue to inform much of the international legal tradition. 

Contributors are: Clifford Ando, Lia Brazil, Joseph Canning, Edward Cavanagh, Zachary Chitwood, Emanuele Conte, Matt Crow, Alberto Esu, Tiziana Faitini, Dante Fedele, Naveen Kanalu, Alexandre A. Loktionov, P. G. McHugh, Jordan Rudinsky, Mark Somos, Joshua Smeltzer, Lorenzo Veracini, Halcyon Weber, and Sarah Winter.


Edward Cavanagh was a Fellow (2016-2019) of Downing College, after attaining his PhD from the University of Ottawa (2012-2015). His scholarly interests lie at the crossroads of law and history.
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