ESIL Interest Group History of International Law

ESIL Interest Group History of International Law

dinsdag 14 april 2020

DATABASE and CALL FOR CONTRIBUTORS: Kund HAAKONSSEN, Frank GUNERT & Diethelm KLIPPEL (eds)., Natural Law 1625-1850 (University of Erfurt/University of Jena)

(image source: Uni Jena)

The Natural Law Database is an open-ended, collaborative biographical and bibliographical knowledge reservoir of early modern natural law scholars from Europe and beyond. All contributions are peer-reviewed. The database is a part of the international research network Natural Law 1625-1850: An International Project and has the purpose of creating a knowledge hub, where any researcher or student easily can access and explore the world of early modern - mainly academic - natural law.
The Natural Law Database is based on the principle of collaboration and open-endedness. This means that the database project does not have a defined end-date since it is continuously expanding with new information, digitisations and expert commentaries. Since the project covers Europe (and beyond) for more than two centuries, the database also relies upon an active participation from the research community in order to grow. The populating of the database is a collaborative and international enterprise, in the sense that anyone anywhere can contribute and is encouraged to do so.
Call for contributors:
In other words, we need your help to develop the database and keep it up-to-date. For further information see How to contribute?
Full database presentation here.

(source: Uni Jena)