ESIL Interest Group History of International Law

ESIL Interest Group History of International Law

Monday 3 July 2023

BOOK: Peter JACKSON, William MULLIGAN & Glenda SLUGA, "Peacemaking and International Order after the First World War" (CUP, 2023)


Source: CUP



The Paris peace settlements following the First World War remain amongst the most controversial treaties in history. Bringing together leading international historians, this volume assesses the extent to which a new international order, combining old and new political forms, emerged from the peace negotiations and settlements after 1918. Taking account of new historiographical perspectives and methodological approaches to the study of peacemaking after the First World War, it views the peace negotiations and settlements after 1918 as a site of remarkable innovations in the practice of international politics. The contributors address how a wide range of actors set out new ways of thinking about international order, established innovative institutions, and revolutionised the conduct of international relations. They illustrate the ways in which these innovations were merged with existing practices, institutions, and concepts to shape the international order that emerged out of the Paris Peace Conference of 1919.

Table of Content:

1 - Introduction pp 1-34

By Peter Jackson, William Mulligan, Glenda Sluga

Part I - Ordering Concepts pp 35-176

2 - Vocabularies of Self-Determination in 1919 pp 37-64

The Co-Constitution of Race and Gender in International Law

By Sarah C. Dunstan

3 - Recasting the ‘Fabric of Civilisation’ pp 65-90

The Paris Peace Settlement and International Law

By Marcus M. Payk

4 - State Sovereignty pp 91-113

By Leonard V. Smith

5 - The Crisis of Power Politics pp 114-150

By Peter Jackson, William Mulligan

6 - The Challenge of an Absent Peace in the French and British Empires after 1919 pp 151-176

By Martin Thomas

Part II - Institutions pp 177-286

7 - A ‘New Diplomacy’? pp 179-201

The Big Four and Peacemaking, 1919

By Alan Sharp

8 - The League of Nations pp 202-226

The Creation and Legitimisation of International Civil Service

By Karen Gram-Skjoldager

9 - The Treaty of Versailles, German Disarmament and the International Order of the 1920s pp 227-245

By Andrew Webster

10 - Planning for International Financial Order pp 246-265

The Call for Collective Responsibility at the Paris Peace Conference

By Jennifer Siegel

11 - Raw Materials and International Order from the Great War to the Crisis of 1920–21 pp 266-286

By Jamie Martin

Part III - Actors and Networks pp 287-378

12 - The Great Conversation pp 289-312

A Discussion on Peace after the First World War

By Carl Bouchard

13 - An Alternative International Relations pp 313-336

Socialists, Socialist Internationalism and the Post-War Order

By Talbot Imlay

14 - The Paris Peace Conference and the Origins of Global Feminism pp 337-360

By Mona L. Siegel

15 - Colonial Nationalists and the Making of a New International Order pp 361-378

By Erez Manela

Part IV - Counterpoint pp 379-414

16 - The Persistence of Old Diplomacy pp 381-406

The Paris Peace Settlement in Perspective

By T. G. Otte


Afterword pp 407-414

New Histories of International Order

By Glenda Sluga

See CUP for more information.