ESIL Interest Group History of International Law

ESIL Interest Group History of International Law

donderdag 14 mei 2015

PODCAST: Is Jihadism a New Brigadism ? (France Culture, La Fabrique de l'Histoire, 1 May 2015)

(Guernica by Pablo Picasso; source: Wikimedia Commons)

La Fabrique de l'Histoire, a radio show by and for historians, aired a debate held in the Sorbonne on 25 April on the problem of "alien enlistment". Professors Olivier Forcade (Paris IV-Sorbonne) and Jean-Pierre Filiu (Sciences Po Paris) debated with Hervé Mazurel (lecturer, University of Burgundy) and Gilles Pecout (Mediterranean historian) on parallels, recurrences and dissimilarities between the Syrian conflict and earlier episodes of European history. Particularly the Spanish Civil war and the liberal support for Greek independence, massively mobilising volunteers in France or Britain in the 20th and 19th centuries, come across when the problem of European Jihadi fighters appears in our newspaper columns today.

The full podcast can be found on France Culture's website (here).