ESIL Interest Group History of International Law

ESIL Interest Group History of International Law

donderdag 19 november 2020

ADVANCE ARTICLE: Paulo Emílio VAUTHIER BORGES DE MACEDO & Brenda Maria RAMOS ARÁUJO, 'A Man against a War: Rui Barbosa and the Struggle against a Thought' (Journal of the History of International Law/Revue d'histoire du droit international)


(image source: Brill)


This article aims to demonstrate that Rui Barbosa’s role at the Hague Peace Conference of 1907 and his speech at the Buenos Aires Law School, in 1916, are a continuum. On both occasions, he not only defended the same principles, the rule of law over force and the juridical equality of nations, and mainly, fought the same enemy: a doctrine, the ‘Borussian militarist doctrine’. From the standpoint of a contextualist historiography, this text recreates that struggle. This work employs the inductive method of approach as well as primary and secondary bibliographical sources.

(Read further with Brill; DOI  10.1163/15718050-12340147)