ESIL Interest Group History of International Law

ESIL Interest Group History of International Law

maandag 5 april 2021

VACANCY: Assistant Professor in Legal History (Tilburg: Tilburg University, DEADLINE 25 APR 2021)


(image source: drieam)

Job description:

As assistant professor, you develop and teach courses in the bachelor Global Law (English, courses History of International Law and Global Legal History), and in the master International Law and Global Governance (English, course History and Theory of International). You will supervise master theses. You also participate in research carried out by the team of the legal philosophy, jurisprudence and legal history scholars, part of the Department of Public Law and Governance. In the course of your appointment, you will develop a research profile, in line with the research profile and priorities of the Law School. The research conducted within Tilburg Law School is aimed at both scientific and societal relevance. It is organized into several cross-departmental research programs, including Global Law and Governance, New Modes of Lawmaking and Governance in a Multilayered Order, Law and Security, and Law and Technology. Key research themes of legal history include the history of international law, the history of commercial law and the history of public law and governance. Your teaching and research is managed according to PLG’s Work Allocation Model (WAM), where the general ratio for full-time academic staff is 60% Teaching and Service and 40% Research.

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