ESIL Interest Group History of International Law

ESIL Interest Group History of International Law

dinsdag 19 april 2022

JOURNAL: Diplomatica: A Journal of Diplomacy and Society, Volume 4 (2022), Issue 1 (Mar 2022)

Source: Brill


Conducting Spanish Diplomacy in the Digital Age

Author: Juan Luis Manfredi-Sánchez

Pages: 1–30

Creating Connected Constituencies: The Strategy and Limits of US Propaganda and Influence in Early Cold War Syria, 1945–60

Author: Idir Ouahes

Pages: 31–51

Cosimo I de’ Medici’s Dissimulation of Diplomacy in the Guardaroba Nuova

Author: Bradley J. Cavallo

Pages: 52–73

From the Green Zone to Havana Syndrome: Making Geographic Sense of Rotationality and Hardship in Diplomacy

Authors: Jamey Essex and Joshua Bowman

Pages: 74–99

“Easily Emotional” and “Always Inclined to Extremes.” Ambassador Herman van Roijen and Dutch Anxiety about American Anti-Communism, 1947–53

Author: Rimko van der Maar

Pages: 100–123

Book reviews

Ramy Youssef, 2020. Die Anerkennung von Grenzen: Eine Soziologie der Diplomatie (The Recognition of Borders: A Sociology of Diplomacy).

Author: Andreas Nishikawa-Pacher

Pages: 125–128

Inderjeet Parmar and Oliver Turner (eds.), 2020. The United States in the Indo-Pacific: Obama’s Legacy and the Trump Transition

Author: Moritz Pöllath

Pages: 129–130

Philip Nash, 2020. Breaking Protocol: America’s First Female Ambassadors, 1933–1964

Author: Stefanie M. Schuster

Pages: 131–133

Sinja Graf, 2021. The Humanity of Universal Crime: Inclusion, Inequality and Intervention in International Political Thought

Author: Karl W. Schweizer

Pages: 134–137

Gordon Martel (ed.), 2018. The Encyclopedia of Diplomacy

Author: Iver B. Neumann

Pages: 138–144

Nicolas Drocourt and Élisabeth Malamut (eds.), 2020. La diplomatie byzantine, de l’Empire romain aux confins de l’Europe (Ve-XVe s.)

Author: Isabella Lazzarini

Pages: 145–148

Laurence Badel, 2021. Diplomaties européennes. XIXe-XXIe siècle

Author: Louis Clerc

Pages: 149–153

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